Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Perfect Outfit.

Alexa Chung has, as we all know, some seriously good style; in fact she's one of my favorites when it comes to the way she dresses. Playful, young and with a hint of innocence. Very refreshing considering that most of the well known people on this planet rather undress than dress. When I randomly stumbled over this picture of Alexa I just thought: that is THE perfect outfit. Oversized red and black checkered coat, crisp white buttoned up shirt and a pair of leather trousers with biker details. Since unfortunately I don't have Alexa's incredible DNA I can't quite pull it off like she does, so below is how I would personally wear this look, in my usual, more casual way. I love the slightly cocoon shaped houndstooth Dufflecoat from Coach, my usual dose of Carven by including a leopard printed sweatshirt (since you all know how much I like to mix and match patterns) and some high waisted boyfriend jeans, black distressed please, like these ones from Current/Elliott. Sounds like a good plan until someone talented invents something to make the looongest legs grow on trees. So that I can get a pair like Alexa's. Then we'll talk about the perfect outfit again. 

all pictures from tumblr and colette.fr