Tuesday, September 2, 2014

When Urban Outfitters does Mods.

Hallelujah, I officially found the best suit I've seen in a long time. Usually I prepare myself for a very very nice (NOT) price when it comes to things I like, but this one actually comes from Urban Outfitters aka means it's affordable. I had to check twice. Affordable and perfect. Slightly oversized, high waisted and cropped trousers and a matching boxy jacket, oversized too. After all, whats making this look work and fun is that you look like a little boy in it. Everything I like! Wait for me - I'm gonna come and buy you, wherever you are....you jacket. And pants. I'm starting to talk to clothes, pretty sure sign it's time for me to stop looking at a computer screen. Still gonna hunt this down, yessss.

all pictures from urbanoutfitters.com


  1. Ahh it's perfect! Will look amazing on you <3

  2. That's really nice, like the blazer!



  3. love UO that's really a perfect suit!


  4. What a great find! Right up my alley too. Going to check it out as well. Thanks for sharing!

  5. ahhh ! j'avais repéré aussi hier en checkant le site mais j'attends donc de le voir sur toi avant de me lancer....(oui des photos, des photos !) J'adore ce style tomboy de toutes manières... ah si j'étais un homme ;-)